Liburia Records (IT)
released January 10, 2022
Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

Anemnian represents the continuation of the dialogue between Dario Capasso and Andrea Laudante (Acron). A further expansion of this communication takes place thanks to the joining of Andrea Albanese (“syncret”), Valentina Ciniglio (sax), Marco Balestrieri (mandola), Alessandra Bossa and Stefano Mattozzi (voices). Almost all the materials of this album are freely improvised without having any musical reference, nevertheless the final composition is characterized by the finiteness of a form defined through the ad hoc built electronic architecture. Experimenting with the possibilities derived from the connection of the different parts, a holistic dimension is created, the bond that unites the diversity of the synthetic sound and the acoustic sound establishes the complexity of the musical discourse, which is organic and multi-structural. Improvisation, exploration, construction and abstraction are the founding criteria that give rise to Anemnian.

Dario Capasso: electronica, processing
Andrea Laudante: piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, mellotron, added synth
Andrea Albanese; Syncret self bulit instrument
Valentina Ciniglio: sax
Alessandra Bossa: vocals
Marco Balestrieri: mandoloncello
Stefano Mattozzi: vocals

Mixed and mastered: Dario Capasso