Andrea Laudante is an Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist. His works are mostly influenced by relationships between instrumental and electroacoustic sounds and concepts of Oriental philosophies. His recent publications include “3 Mandala” (2016); “Fragmenta” (2020) with his side project degoya; “Banat Banat Ban Jai” (2020); “ACR0N” with Dario Capasso (2020). Since 2017 he is part of OEOAS (electroacoustic orchestra officina arti soniche), that has shared the stage over the years with artists like Elio Martusciello, Alvin Curran, Tim Hodgkinson. His works as composer is also involved in the audiovideo field. He is co-author of the experimental short movie “Battlefield”, realized with the director Silvia Biagioni during an art residency in Rome at AAMOD, audiovisual archive of working class movement. He is graduate in composition with a thesis on Yoga in the music of Giacinto Scelsi and he is currently studying electroacoustic music.